“Female Glory”

“I remember seeing her standing on the high balcony, backdropped by a hazy range of Leonardo mountains and the vague river snaking by their feet. She was a Pacific Island girl, probably about thirty, at the acme of her feminine beauty. Her form waved up like an ondule-patterned silk, magic to the eyes. Her straight, […]

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Radio Interview from 3/19/18

If you would like to hear my interview from yesterday, a wide-ranging discussion on spirituality, Enlightenment, relationships, and fiction, here’s the link. The interview begins at the one minute mark. https://www.spreaker.com/user/talk4media/your-book-your-brand-your-business-03-19

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“The Search for Permanent Happiness”

People throughout history have sought the secret of permanent happiness.  In my novel Remembering Eternity I present, in story format, the search of a young child determined to discover this secret.  The book follows his progress as he attempts to find elusive, lasting happiness in achievement, relationships, status, money, intoxicants, and glory, none of which can […]

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