Archive Monthly Archives: July 2021

“The Saint”

“By his presence at La Mer, the Master raised the awareness of the audience to that sublime level where the underlying unity of all creation is manifest. Being near him, we began to see our commonality rather than our differences. We understood the importance of having a higher mission on earth than simply struggling through […]

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“’Angelsea’ captured the essence of woman, as the cosmic love force, moving with an angel’s grace, with the universe as her home, as a divine mermaid, her life-breath the heat of love itself, the paramour of magic, the speller of the gods themselves, clad in rainbows and teardrops. Cat Stevens sang it with the earthy […]

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“The Scenic Route”

“The drive up to the city, along that Italian countryside highway unromantically known as “280,” was, as always, a delight. Weather conditions were unstable that day and I passed through at least three microclimates on the way there. At first, the sky being relatively cloud-free, the sun shone clearly. Few cars were on the road. […]

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