“First Sight of College”

“This grand mass of stone structures struck Lucinda, paradoxically, as womblike. The thick-walled buildings offered protection and security, a defense against the intrusion of all that was disgusting and trivial in the outside world.  Here, she thought, was an intellectual bastion, a safe place for those who wished to think and explore, ponder and create. […]

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“Classical Music” from “Lucinda”

“This music enthralled her. In it she heard the world awakening from its dark-night slumbers. The composer had somehow managed to eavesdrop on nature herself, so that he could audibly portray her first twinklings of dawning awareness, the hypnopompic images that passed like flashing masterpieces before her still-closed eyes. Here, in these piccolo and flute […]

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“The Rocky Shrine” from “Lucinda”

“When Lucinda finally opened her eyes, it was deep night. The stars overhead shone multitudinous. There were so many that they resembled snowflakes of varying size and brilliance raining down onto the mountains, almost as if a cosmic snow globe had been shaken and its contents left to settle. In the center of the sky, […]

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