“The Cloud” from “Lucinda”

“Lucinda stared up at the sky. A gigantic, solid mass of shell-pink cloud stretched across three quarters of the firmament, billowing like a baby’s covering blanket. The edge of the huge cloud was curled up, scroll-like. The surface of the formation was completely smooth, not in the least ruffled. A wonderful sense of peace and […]

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“Reality Unfiltered” from “Lucinda”

“She now realized that the visions she had enjoyed as a child, during her meditations, and while hearing that special song in the bookstore, were genuine aspects of universal life. Gazing around her, at the magnificence of the Himalayas, she noticed celestial beings as real as the boulders, birds, and creatures. A trio of blue […]

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“Maxfield Parrish Comes Alive” from “Lucinda”

“Ms. Dawn sketched the figures of the girls with her index finger. With the palm of her hand, she smoothed the wide stretch of sea. With all ten fingers, she caused the columns to rise high. And then, lightly fluttering her fingers, she recreated the rounded, squared, jagged, and pointy contours of the far-flung rocks. […]

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