“Dreamy Love”

Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: “Conventional wisdom had it that girls got such notions from reading fairytales and too closely identifying with their heroines. As best he could remember, Skylar had not spent much time on these stories and therefore could not fairly blame them for his chronic romanticism. He must have carried forward his dream through the long night separating incarnations. In his dream, he saw love as exquisite, refined, soft, tender, sensitive, and modest. He always pictured his perfect love as pubescent, just waking to the awareness of her womanliness. Her body was lissome, her curves, inchoate, never fully formed or lavish. Her facial beauty had the delicacy of the moon rather than the brazenness of the sun. She moved with assured grace but modestly and lightly upon the earth. Powders and colored waxes did not overlay her features. Her words were dulcet and her gestures, fluent.”

Richard Maddox

Richard Dietrich Maddox's writing focuses on the search for permanent happiness, the goal of finding paradise on earth, the attainment of human Enlightenment. His work, though fiction, attempts to convey the profound spiritual Truth passed on to humanity by Enlightened Masters. Maddox approaches spiritual wisdom from a Western level of experience, presenting characters to whom readers can easily relate, offering situations in which readers might well have found themselves. His work offers, in a style which those living in the West will find understandable, the possibility of blissful existence.

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