Books by Richard Dietrich Maddox

Remembering Eternity:
An Epic 9-Volume Enlightenment Novel

by Richard Dietrich Maddox

Remembering Eternity follows the epic journey of Skylar Seequn, as he pursues his dream of finding that paradise on earth known as permanent happiness. Over the course of the nine-book series, the reader begins, follows, and finishes Skylar's quest.

The Whisper of a Saint

by Richard Dietrich Maddox

While most children played with toys, one boy received visions of a white-robed Holy Man. The American grew from adolescence to manhood, but he never forgot the images of his guru. When his teacher tells the 50-year-old pupil to leave the U.S. and find him on the other side of the world, the middle-aged student jumps on a plane bound for India…

Enlightened Relations: The Life in a Day

by Richard Dietrich Maddox

An ordinary day. An extraordinary couple. The path of Enlightenment can be walked side by side. Even an Enlightened couple can stop for tea. While the man and woman walk through a farmer’s market and dance at a concert beneath the stars, they live in Pure Consciousness. To find their Enlightenment, they didn’t need to abandon their normal lives and hike to the top of a mountain. They found a way to be themselves while attaining the highest state of human consciousness.

The Enlightenment of Joshua Inly

by Richard Dietrich Maddox

A wonderful boy, endowed with high consciousness and brilliant musical ability, comes to earth.

One True Path to Happiness

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