Osi and Isi: A Tale of Twin Flames

Two thousand years ago, in a cave in the Himalayas, a wise spiritual Master set in motion a plan designed to help bring the world out of its darkness into Light. Nine of his disciples were intended to be part of this great project. Two of those disciples were Twin Flames, souls who unite, lifetime after lifetime, to help each other spiritually evolve. Their names were Osi and Isi. The plan required that these two souls should first find each other and then join the rest of the group. Osi and Isi: A Tale of Twin Flames tells the story of how these paired souls miraculously came together, from great distances, at the precise time when, and in the exact place where, they were needed. Read this book, in which the melodies and lyrics of music and the beauty of nature weave together to help form the destiny of the Twin Flames, to learn whether or not they and their friends were able to help save the world.