Richard Dietrich Maddox

A Spiritual Enlightenment Author

"Welcome to my website. My work focuses on the pursuit of spiritual Enlightenment, the highest goal of human life. I look forward to engaging with you, the reader."

A Gift For You

From the Author

Ever since childhood, I have been convinced that it it possible to experience "heaven on earth," a paradise lived every day.  I spent much of my early life seeking answers from teachers, ministers, and professors in an attempt to understand how such joy could be developed and stabilized.  My college studies focused on discovering the answer to this, the greatest of questions.  It was only after meeting an Enlightened Master, and beginning a serious meditation practice, that I succeeded in solving this delightful puzzle. My writing is dedicated to helping others, through story, find their way to Permanent Happiness.

" It is Pure Beauty, the writing takes us beyond words ..a sparkling gem of the Eternal Now that we are..infinitely touched to read this."

One True Path to Happiness

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