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Love is Natural” from “The Whisper of a Saint”

“Love is natural to One who Exists in the Self. The Self is All Love. Everyone the Self deals with, everything It touches, receives Love spontaneously, just as one gets wet touching water. There need be no effort. The Love is just there to be shared with all. As detachment increases, so does love for […]

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“Suffering” from “The Whisper of a Saint”

“Suffering plays a role in spiritual evolution. It reminds people to seek Spirit. One always hears about the mother praying hardest when her daughter is sick, or the businessman who began to recite the name of the Lord when his fortune was threatened. Overwhelming sorrow shows the sufferer that the only way out is through […]

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“The Divine Mother” from “The Whisper of a Saint”

“The pilgrim began to experience something unusual.  His Consciousness felt caressed, enfolded, and cherished by some great power of Love.  What had been flat now became curved.  What had been sterile now became fecund.  The immense Ocean of the Absolute was now stirred and stimulated.  The Love that was always immanent in It now came […]

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