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“Thoughts are only predispositions accumulated in previous births. The mind receives an impression from an experience. If that impression is powerful and repeated, it becomes a tendency, which, in turn, leads to thoughts in that and later lives.”

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“Superflower Moon”

“But at one moment, they all became aware of an immense presence hovering overhead. They looked up to perceive the moon, pewter-colored and apparently ready to settle down right next to them on the surface of the earth. Luna was bigger than they had ever seen her. She must have broken free of her orbit […]

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“Fire Rainbows”

“Looking up into the sky, they were amazed to see the most remarkably strange (for they weren’t arcs) but beautiful rainbows. Four of them, arranged in a tier and feather-shaped, stretched out like bird wings at a forty-five-degree angle into the heavens. Softened green, yellow, orange and red hues were clearly visible. These polychrome downy […]

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“Purity of Morning”

“The morning had a wonderful purity about it. the low-slung sun, which might have been a mighty fireball in preparation to be launched in a battle of giants, cast long shadows on the ground. Trees spread Rorschach-test shadows three times their size. Bushes seemed to be perfectly twofold, with an equal part of vegetation above […]

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“God All Around Us”

“As corroboration of her claims about God, Ma now extended her arm and moved it from right to left, indicating the scenery: the reflective pond, the massive banyan tree, the cluster of smaller trees, the undulations of the grassy land stretching out before them, and the blinding brilliance of the sun. As the visitors followed […]

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“God Is Now”

“‘Actually, there is no such thing as time. So long as you remain enslaved by time, there will be birth and death. Time is a construction of your mind. Do not focus on other lifetimes, those that have come before or those that might come after this one. Pay full attention to what you can […]

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