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“Entering Sedona”

Excerpt from “A Living Lighthouse”: “Suddenly the road curved, revealing a sight that made Amante gasp. Directly in front of them loomed three great cathedrals of rock, smudged to a gleaming, otherworldly eggshell white by the lowering sun. Paz saw bastions and parapets. Amante made out towers and pinnacles. There must have been bodiless soldiers […]

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“The Woman in White”

Excerpt from “A Living Lighthouse”: “A young woman appeared out of nowhere. She was suddenly standing right next to the five friends. Her hair was long, wavy, and black, her eyebrows thick and as black as if they had been drawn with coal. She had full lips and a narrow nose. The woman wore long, […]

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“The Milky Way”

Excerpt from “A Living Lighthouse”: “By now it was late. The scene before, below, and above the friends was marvelous. The Milky Way looked like a gigantic brain spread across the middle of the sky. A central spine of plum purple rose up to their left at a sixty-degree angle. This spine overlay a roughly […]

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“Beyond Differences”

Excerpt from “A Living Lighthouse”: “My friends, words and concepts and logic are not the tools we will need to accomplish our quest. The world is already at war, with words the first of its weapons drawn. It is fighting to the death over concepts that, in most every case, are simply rallying cries for […]

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“Big Sur”

Excerpt from “A Living Lighthouse”: “Ten eyes stared in the same direction. Five souls stirred at the sight presented to their eyes. Something about the surrounding scene seemed to bear directly on the wild and wonderful idea they had been thinking and talking about for several days. On the beach below the cliff where the […]

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