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“Unlike most lovers, whose erotic trips, like those of trains, feature well-marked stops and certain destinations, they had no idea where they were headed or what sights, sounds, and touches they would encounter on the way. They made love as adventurous vacationers travel, stopping at points of interest for as long as they wished, discovering […]

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“Timeless Joy”

“The most enjoyable times are always those in which time is forgotten. Children at play have no inkling of time. Lovers making love don’t worry about the clock. Artists busy creating art never pause to check their watches. And the joy such ‘timeless’ people experience arises from their temporarily abandoning the ego and the boundaries […]

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“He noticed a quaint orchestration of elements: the color of her blue dress and the orange butterfly wings were complementary; a pygmy nuthatch, which had emerged from the cloaking branches, wore a coat of blue a shade darker than her dress, a neck white as the clouds, and a head the same color as the […]

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“Rivers of Light”

“As they stared at the barn, the pair became aware of the million-moted sunlight streaming through the intervening air. The light consisted of microscopic corpuscles, each of which flowed out gracefully and smoothly on its predetermined path. Everywhere they looked there was nothing but these silvery tittles floating, like rivers of ultra-subtle bubbles, across their […]

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“Beautiful as the Sky”

“‘I never think you can surpass yourself, darling, and then you go and prove me wrong: you look as beautiful as that sky.’ And he lifted a finger heavenward. His compliment carried weight, for, when she gazed up, the woman saw what looked like a volcanic eruption of cloud. From a base of shadowed porcelain […]

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“Feminine Glory”

“She stood before the sun and allowed its rays to worship her feminine glories, for she wore only a cotton robe and had not tied its belt, so that it gaped in the front. Her body looked like a painting done all in pinks and creams: her neck and upper chest resembled a butterfly in […]

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