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“Christmas Music”

“The evocative, cherished sounds of the traditional Christmas music with which the children had grown up created the aural holiday mood every night. The albums themselves were the actual ones that had been played over the years: Mantovani, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Depending on when one was in the living room, […]

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“‘Angelsea’ captured the essence of woman, as the cosmic love force, moving with an angel’s grace, with the universe as her home, as a divine mermaid, her life-breath the heat of love itself, the paramour of magic, the speller of the gods themselves, clad in rainbows and teardrops. Cat Stevens sang it with the earthy […]

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“Christmas Ritual”

“Another ritual the children anticipated with impatience was the trip to Lazarus, a large downtown department store in their hometown. The family rarely went downtown and the fact that this trip took place at nighttime added to its mystery and romance. A seventy-five-foot-high Christmas tree made out of silvered electric lights blazed across the front […]

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“The Speaking Sea”

“The sea, though mute of voice, yearned to speak to me, to communicate with a more profound tongue mysteries and lessons it wanted me to learn. Friable cliffs faced the ever-charging vast power of the water like overly brave young boys bracing their shoulders and torsos to meet a great wave head on. For as […]

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“Two Palms”

“There were two palm trees standing side by side. One was lit up from below and one was not. The illuminated tree showed silvery green fronds, a shiny, rubbery stock, glowing, gleaming roughly ridged bark, and an otherworldly canopy that seemed to have descended from the heavens. The unlit tree stood dark, stark, and dull. […]

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“The Great Stage”

“Invisibly, the sun had now set. The sun makes the utter difference between an apparently living and a seemingly dead nature. As he plays on the water, a thousand transcendental thoughts pass through my mind. Each mirror glint on the sea reflects the Consciousness that put it there. As he reflects on the ephemerals of […]

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