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“Anandamayi Ma”

“‘There were very early signs of her special destiny. Her mother had dreams of gods and goddesses during her pregnancy. In school, the meaning of unknown words appeared to the girl spontaneously. She remembered the visit of a man that occurred when she was only two days old. Though she was illiterate, mantras and postures […]

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“God in Your Work”

“‘One of you is a painter. Maybe she will paint paradise and find herself moving into the painting, heart and soul. One of you is a poet. Maybe she will write such delicious verses that God will shine his face up from the parchment to greet her. One of you is a scientist. It is […]

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“God is Within”

“‘Scientists may hold up the material world as the be-all and end-all, but they are mistaken. Artists may claim that beauty alone is divine. Lovers know that their beloved is the all-supreme goddess. But all of them are wrong. What they are worshipping is actually the Reality shining through the material world, the ceramic wall, […]

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“Soon their inner vision was filled with the presence of angels. The celestial beings were conglomerations of soft, white particles of light. They not only glowed but pulsated. Only vaguely humanoid in appearance, the angels emanated a feeling of perfect peace and deep joy. Gradually, the angels’ light ceased to be individualized; rather, it merged […]

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“Truth is Truth”

“‘Divinity transcends religious divisions. I myself have learned a great deal from the Zoroastrians and the Buddhists. You will find God-Realized souls in every tradition, and even ones who are not part of a tradition. Remember what I said earlier about words and labels. They do not create the experience of unity with God. Generally, […]

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