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“Good Vibrations”

“They stood up and began to walk around the area that surrounded what Theo now saw to be a spacious cave. No words were exchanged, but the experience thrilled the seeker to his core. An electric energy passed from the Saint’s body into his own, enlivening and thrilling it. Every object that Theo looked at […]

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“The Giant Rainbow”

“As he stepped out through the spruces to a small trail running along a cliff’s edge, Theo glanced up and saw a rainbow such as he had never before in his life beheld. What he stared at was not a rain “bow” at all, but, rather, straight, wide, parallel stripings of color painted across the […]

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“The Angels”

“Lining the walls of the cave, pressed closely together like pedestrians waiting for the light to change, were dozens of angels. They shared many qualities—having as their constitution a sort of fuzzy gauze of light, bearing wings, showing indistinct features—but each differed slightly from the next. Several were clearly female, something in their faces showed […]

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“Water Light”

“Theo turned his eyes back to the aquamarine stream. But, to his astonishment, the water had turned into a fluent curve of Light. Not sunlight. Not moonlight. But Light! Light supernal! This Light was what he often saw surrounding the body of his Teacher. It belonged to another, better world, not to this terrestrial one. […]

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“The Birth of Spring”

“Far more powerful than all this sensory input, overwhelming really, was the deep draught of spring which he kept gulping down. Intangible, impalpable, invisible…but utterly overpowering was spring. It was a softness in the air through which he ran, a fragrance coming up from flowers newly blossomed, a joy in the flights of birds glad […]

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“Love is Natural”

‘Love is natural to One who Exists in the Self. The Self is All Love. Everyone the Self deals with, everything It touches, receives Love spontaneously, just as one gets wet touching water. There need be no effort. The Love is just there to be shared with all. As detachment increases, so does love for […]

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