Archive Monthly Archives: August 2020

“Young Love Under the Moon”

“Night had now come. Fairy light, from a waxing, gibbous moon that looked like a stone skull leaning back against the sky, a head colored in chamois and yoke yellow, its face blotchy and weathered as if from a thousand battles and a million tribulations, played upon the woods, streams, and rocks around their tent. […]

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“Cafe Customers”

“My favorite customers were the cliques of intellectuals and writers and their fringes of lovers, admirers, and imitators. These groups often occupied several tables pushed together and filled with a picturesquely wide assortment of espresso cups, latte glasses, cake and dinner plates. There were mugs still foaming with draft beer, balloon wine glasses designed to […]

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“Ivy Club”

“The one interview that stuck in Skylar’s mind for many years took place at Ivy Club. Mr. Oswald Crocker Astor III ought, on first appearance, Skylar reasoned, to have been immediately soaked in formaldehyde and placed in a glass container by a biologist eager to preserve a creaturely specimen long considered extinct. At a time […]

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