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“Inner Light”

“Then her awareness-space flamed bright. As though a bank of brilliant lamps had suddenly been switched on, she saw, with her inner vision, Light. The Light seemed lively, alive, dancing, swirling, buoying, and scending in great waves. It lifted her up and spun her around. It sent shivers of delight up her spine and caused […]

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“The Tree”

The tree was partially hidden there, between two plain, square buildings, its branches reaching out toward the street as though making a whispered plea for beauty, a caressing moan of soft-bloomed tenderness in a world of hard concrete. The blooms resembled clusters of snow recently fallen on the limbs, or feathery feelers from some velvet […]

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“The Artistic Laboratory”

“My laboratory was also that of an alchemist, and from my stored treasures I sought, as he once had, the materia prima, whose discovery would bring the Great Light to my being. My alchemist worked with the physical elements of my body and the ideational vapors of my mind. In his retorts and alembics could […]

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“Newborn World”

“The world outside seemed to have been bathed and cleansed just as she had. It might have been the world Adam and Eve saw, this paradise of delight and all potential. It was no longer a gathering of objects spread before her view, but a pulsing of Existence, a breathing of Being that she gazed […]

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“Daphnis and Chloé”

“After a few minutes, Ravel’s ‘Daphnis et Chloé’ sounded from the red-nosed Magnavox stereo. This music enthralled her. In it she heard the world awakening from its dark-night slumbers. The composer had somehow managed to eavesdrop on nature herself, so that he could audibly portray her first twinklings of dawning awareness, the hypnopompic images that […]

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“Sunset in Tahiti”

“We were all perfectly at peace, lying there watching as the sun began to set. The horizon was striped with alternating bands of vermilion and gold leaf. A swath of poppy red formed a sort of nebular spaceship directly in front of us. The forested hills in the distance looked like a child’s irregular cutout […]

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