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“As he had, often throughout his life, Skylar noticed the shimmering of the minute, silvery-white points of light or energy (he never knew exactly what they were) that filled the atmosphere all around him. There were thousands, millions, no doubt billions of these dancing particles. He could only ever see them if he became very […]

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“Love as Evolution”

“Despite the ego’s fortress-like construction of this grand mirage or delusion, it is hardly impregnable to Reality. Saints see the hallucination as the flimsiest of gauze overlays, unable to obscure glorious Being. Artists, dreamers, seekers, and devotees catch glimpses of the Absolute behind the delusion. But the most common passe-partout, allowing short-lived escape from the […]

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“The Birth of Spring”

“As the earth, kissed by the vernal sun, slowly awoke like a Sleeping Beauty, smelling of warmed, natural perfumes and fecund loins, stretching her dazed limbs, smiling up at the clear skies, everything around her came to life as well. Bird couples swooped and fluttered in delight as they gathered the materials for their new […]

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“Day came first to Olympus: the gods on high rode in coaches of amethyst, past shrines of dark-violet rubellite, above plains of black-opal pink, protected by canopies of light-spinel-red, over roadways made from rosy quartz, and under sconces of moonstone. The highest wispy clouds looked like pink ballet tutus and swirls of cotton candy. Elements […]

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“The Absolute in the Physical”

“Spiritual evolution consists in first discovering and then bringing the wisdom, the Love, of the Absolute into one’s physical existence. If one makes these discoveries but fails to bring them down into the body, so that they can be lived in daily life, then one has only half succeeded. The process of infusing spiritual Truth […]

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“The Wise Child”

“The greatest of all challenges to be faced in a lifetime, then, was finding one’s way, not only back to a childlike state of innocence, but forward to the permanence of Being a wise and saintly child. A merely young child compares to a saintly child as deep sleep compares to enlightenment: in youth and […]

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