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“Love Is Not”

“Love is not selfish. Selfish love is not really love, but infatuation. Infatuation produces misery. One is all the time worrying about losing the person or object one is attached to. Love yields peace and harmony. Genuine love does not require anything from the beloved. On the contrary, it accepts them for who they are […]

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“Love is Natural”

“‘Love is natural to One who Exists in the Self. The Self is All Love. Everyone the Self deals with, everything It touches, receives Love spontaneously, just as one gets wet touching water. There need be no effort. The Love is just there to be shared with all. As detachment increases, so does love for […]

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“The Ram Jhula Bridge”

“And the tempered rays rendered the houses and other buildings on the far side of the river powdery white, and barely blue and palest yellow. As Theo contemplated the scene before him, his focus attenuated, a familiar stillness permeated his body and mind. A sort of frozen-awareness trance came over him, as it had on […]

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“The Great Stage”

“Invisibly, the sun had now set. The sun makes the utter difference between an apparently living and a seemingly dead nature. As he plays on the water, a thousand transcendental thoughts pass through my mind. Each mirror glint on the sea reflects the Consciousness that put it there. As he reflects on the ephemerals of […]

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“Early Days”

“The first glimpses came in early childhood when the coarse wooden bottom of the cocktail table disc spun round and round above his tiny guiding hand. A brass metal band engirdled the rim of this furnishing and created, in his new-to-the-world sensitivity, the intoxicating dizziness that dervishes derive from their own endless spinning. Its underbelly […]

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“Shopping with Mom”

“Worse, far worse, though than accompanying their mother to the grocery store was trailing behind her as she shopped for her own clothing. This experience exemplified for the boys a male rite of passage through which they would later have to pass as one half of a couple. The brothers would enter the women’s discount […]

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