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“My head began to expand, extending out on all sides until it filled the entire room. Accompanying this expansion of awareness was an ineffable sense of perfect peace. All was still and silent. I seemed to be floating on a buoyant sea, which supported in me in every place and way. Love streamed through my […]

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“Night Dance”

“But, despite my tendency to withdraw into myself, Ilona and I had some wonderful times together. I shall never forget the night she danced naked in the woods under a full moon. With what grace and balance did she spin and leap, as if seeking, with every impulse of her soul, to grab hold of […]

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“Reality Unfiltered”

“She now realized that the visions she had enjoyed as a child, during her meditations, and while hearing that special song in the bookstore were genuine aspects of universal life. Gazing around her, at the magnificence of the Himalayas, she noticed celestial beings as real as the boulders, birds, and creatures. A trio of blue […]

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“The Yogi”

“Sometimes the Yogi would look directly at her and hold her gaze for a moment. Whenever this happened, she felt as if a powerful surgical laser was scanning her subtle body to locate and burn off imperfections. After such an experience, she would say to herself, ‘If any who doubt the reality of Enlightenment could […]

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“Divine Grace”

“Even the Yogi himself showed the influence of the mountains. One night, when only three of his closest aides were present, he told the story of an experience he had had while in seclusion in the Himalayas. Some villagers had been in the habit of leaving him a small basket of food outside the entrance […]

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“The Religion Professor”

“‘The Self is unstained, for it is beyond the reach of the three gunas, the qualities characterizing everything in the material world. Sattva is purity, virtue; rajas is energy, movement; and tamas is lethargy, ignorance. The interplay of all three gives us worldly life. But Brahman/Self underlies that life, serving as the Essence of all […]

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