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“An English Girl”

“Annie was tall and thin, sprite-like, with short brown hair that flipped up beneath her ears, fine, delicate, English skin, and expressive lips that stretched, pursed, opened, and tightened to reveal a hundred different emotions of welcome, love, and joy. She was talkative, bird-twittery, flitting from branch to branch through the tree of life, gaily, […]

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“Genuine Spirituality”

“Let us have rituals and churches, bureaucracies, rules, politics, robes, feast days, holy waters, hand-washings, kneeling, aiming directionally, and the ringing of bells; let us mate and call it holy and beat drums and feel the pulse of the universe; let us interpret our fellow beings’ auras and cleanse their chakras, heal them with colored […]

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“If the Oneness is Everywhere, why is a path needed from some “here” to some “there?” If the Oneness is Always, how can there be enlightenment or heaven at some time other than now? Time and space are mental constructs of the logical mind of man. The mind is nothing but thoughts. Thoughts come and […]

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“Lonely Teenage Walk”

“Sometimes, when he found himself inspired, Skylar overcame the combined influences of submission-to-a-hard-fate, fatigue, mild depression, and serious self-pity and arose like Lazarus, came out of his bedroom cave, and went for a walk. He loved these walks. A light shining out from the window of a house on a distant block evoked feelings of […]

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“Expecting to Fly”

“Skylar had always been acutely sensitive to feelings: his own and those of others. The rite of passage marked by college graduation acted to distil and galvanize his emotions, which had the widest possible range, extending up celestially to that of a sopranino and down infernally to that of a basso profondo. “Expecting to Fly” […]

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“Simple Happiness”

“Against this outlook, Skylar took his stand. Whether through the fairy tales he had been exposed to as a child or the literature he had read as a youth, through the lessons he had learned from films or from simply watching adults in his environment, the seeker knew that happiness and peace could not be […]

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