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“The Stream”

“Ramana led the group down a narrow path between some sharp-thorned shrubs that required care to safely pass. In the distance, they could hear the purling waters of a lively stream. They finally reached the water, whose bubbling and murmuring flow sent pleasant music to their ears. A relatively steep slope led down to the […]

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“Superflower Moon”

“But at one moment, they all became aware of an immense presence hovering overhead. They looked up to perceive the moon, pewter-colored and apparently ready to settle down right next to them on the surface of the earth. Luna was bigger than they had ever seen her. She must have broken free of her orbit […]

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“Fire Rainbows”

“Looking up into the sky, they were amazed to see the most remarkably strange (for they weren’t arcs) but beautiful rainbows. Four of them, arranged in a tier and feather-shaped, stretched out like bird wings at a forty-five-degree angle into the heavens. Softened green, yellow, orange and red hues were clearly visible. These polychrome downy […]

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“Their Vision”

“After a few minutes, they all began to experience the same vision. A lone Native American man was sitting precisely where they were sitting. His face looked ancient, deeply furrowed with wrinkles brought on by long and trying experience. His thick hair shot back from his temples in the shape of twin dark-feathered birds. In […]

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“Cathedral Rock”

“As they neared the top, the friends got their first glimpse of the most delicate of all the spires, a cluster of three upjutting sandstone towers that changed color as the sun changed its position. Climbing still higher, they arrived in the direct proximity of soaring, paprika-hued towers of rock. They felt as if they […]

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“Purity of Morning”

“The morning had a wonderful purity about it. the low-slung sun, which might have been a mighty fireball in preparation to be launched in a battle of giants, cast long shadows on the ground. Trees spread Rorschach-test shadows three times their size. Bushes seemed to be perfectly twofold, with an equal part of vegetation above […]

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