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Excerpt from “Osi and Isi: A Tale of Twin Flames”: “One day, a girl in her twenties’—girl’ being the right word to describe her innocent playfulness—arrived at the colony. Aurora’s head was surrounded by a halo of bright golden curls, so long that they bounced off her shoulders as she walked. Her features were not […]

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“A Ritual”

Excerpt from “Osi and Isi: A Tale of Twin Flames”: “The seven stood in a circle around the fire. Everyone was quiet. Then a tall, deeply peaceful woman with braided hair invoked the powers of the four directions. Another woman, very small, and moving with quick gestures, sprinkled aromatic herbs over the flames. The tall […]

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Excerpt from Osi and Isi: A Tale of Twin Flames”: “There exists, hidden away in California, a magnificent, barely accessible, and virtually unknown beach that is as close to being an earthly paradise as any place one will ever find. Above the crescent-shaped strand of fine sand rises a cliff that closely resembles the profile […]

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“The Guru”

Excerpt from “Osi and Isi: A Tale of Twin Flames”: “Suddenly, their attention was drawn back to the Guru. They heard what sounded like a deep intake of air. His body grew radiant, shining, brilliant, and golden. A laser of light shot out of the top of his head. They were all temporarily blinded. Once […]

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