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Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: “Day came first to Olympus: the gods on high rode in coaches of amethyst, past shrines of dark-violet rubellite, above plains of black-opal pink, protected by canopies of light-spinel-red, over roadways made from rosy quartz, and under sconces of moonstone. The highest wispy clouds looked like pink ballet tutus and swirls […]

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“The Absolute in the Physical”

Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: “Spiritual evolution consists in first discovering and then bringing the wisdom, the Love, of the Absolute into one’s physical existence. If one makes these discoveries but fails to bring them down into the body, so that they can be lived in daily life, then one has only half succeeded. The process […]

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“A Magical Moonlight Dnce Part II”

Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: “She, of course, was destined for a night like this one. Lithe and gracile, she skimmed over rather than trod upon the ground. Not a trained dancer, she nevertheless possessed such comfort with her body and felt so integrated with nature that she stepped, jumped, and spun as if extensively rehearsed. […]

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“A Magical Moonlight Dance”

Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: “Ilona stood several yards from the tent, backdropped by stenciled birches, framed on either side by boulders whose gray emanations made them seem like fallen pieces of the moon. Her arms extended above her head, hands placed together, thumbs hooked. The moonlight flecked her body unevenly: deeply shading the place below […]

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“Diamond Moments”

Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: …those rare moments, exalted and divine, when people find themselves relieved of bodily burdens, of care, of doubt, of opposition, and afloat in sacred peace. Such moments may come while one stands mesmerized by the ocean waves meeting the beach in late brilliance under the afternoon sun: as the monolithic boulders, […]

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“Joy Within”

Excerpt from “Remembering Eternity”: “Eternity and Joy had not disappeared but only retreated into deep sanctuary. Like precious holy texts which, in an act of sacrilege (for he had gathered together the sacred instruments and scriptures), he had carried deep into the bowels of his being, into caves, down precipitous flights of stairs, along tortuous […]

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