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“Golden Lady”

“The first understated piano notes and drumbeats of “Golden Lady” came out of the speakers. “Golden Lady” captured Skylar’s straining aspirations for perfect love, intermixing their hot and held breaths, desireful pants, and frustrated moans to form music The song’s chorus entranced Skylar every time he heard it, causing him to shut his eyes, sway […]

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“The Hidden Blessing

The L.A. skies, pristine and blue, have lost the smog that dimmed the view. Sleek dolphins frolic in canals in Venice, one of the locales, where nature has reclaimed her state. Families stay at home and read, and children meet the dads they need. The hurried stress of business gone, a settled peace begins to […]

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“A Child’s Spring”

“Far more powerful than all this sensory input, overwhelming really, was the deep draught of spring which he kept gulping down. Intangible, impalpable, invisible…but utterly overpowering was spring. It was a softness in the air through which he ran, a fragrance coming up from flowers newly blossomed, a joy in the flights of birds glad […]

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“Spring on Campus”

“No place required or made better use of the season than Princeton University. After the harshness and cold of winter, amidst the massive, stony pile of the campus, and into the sterile analytical atmosphere of intellectual work, the subtle, redolent, tender, tinctured, silken, wantonly gorgeous bloom of spring, Persephone redivivus, pranced, jumped, and spun about […]

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“Mystical Experience”

“He felt that he had been dissolved as a discrete entity but had, in an incomparably advantageous exchange, been reconstituted as the vital center of everything. Ego had nothing to do with this conception; on the contrary, the change allowed Skylar to see, in a profound way, that not only were all people and things […]

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“The most successful covers stimulated a thrill of anticipation whose character matched that of the emotions which their encased music aroused. Skylar’s finger came to the cover of Santana’s Abraxas album. The vividness and sensuality of the music shone gorgeously on this cover: a monumental black goddess with intimidating breasts reclines in space, a white […]

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