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“The Grand Purpose”

“The Grand Purpose”: “The more he pondered this subject the more Skylar suspected that life was teleological: that it had a final purpose toward which events drove each human being in their own way and along their own path. He grew fascinated with the challenge of comprehending this, the grandest scheme of life, and realized […]

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“Marin 1980”

“To us, fresh from a small bedroom in a Midwest tract house, their living space and lifestyle came straight off the pages of a contemporary magazine aimed at the affluent-young-adult demographic. Their male friends were wealthy property developers and importers of fine Italian footwear for men. The men’s girlfriends were exotic-faced Asian women with burgeoning […]

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“The Pier”

“To their left, the pier extended 500 feet out into the Pacific. It looked like a simplified railroad trestle: a fenced walkway supported by a series of three splayed, vertical, log posts that might have been the down-turned prongs of Neptune’s trident. The water reflected these timber legs, apparently doubling their length by creating an […]

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“Marrakesh Express”

“The sounds of ‘Marrakesh Express’ filled the room. The song captured the carefree joy known only by a child: the joy that makes kids join hands and begin to spin round in circles until they fall, dizzied, to the ground in wild laughter.  It had the joy of a nursery-rhyme jingle, the effervescence of empty […]

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“Vina Tatuesca”

“A beach towel is not the most flattering of garments, nor is that time when a woman just emerges from the shower, the best to gain a flattering view of her beauty. But neither the time nor the towel could prevent Skylar from being stunned by the perfection of Ms. Tatuesca. She gave him a […]

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“The Ephemeral Moment”

“No one wanted anything to happen or change. They would have preferred that flawless ever-presence to hang in suspension, like a stilled blown bubble, neither moving nor expanding, diminishing nor warping. It would have been sublime for the sun to continue holding its aureole over Artus’ head, for the black boxes of the hopscotch grid […]

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