Archive Monthly Archives: February 2021

“The Hidden Tree”

The tree was partially hidden there, between two plain, square buildings, its branches reaching out toward the street as though making a whispered plea for beauty, a caressing moan of soft-bloomed tenderness in a world of hard concrete. The blooms resembled clusters of snow recently fallen on the limbs, or feathery feelers from some velvet […]

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“Mystical Experience”

“He felt that he had been dissolved as a discrete entity but had, in an incomparably advantageous exchange, been reconstituted as the vital center of everything. Ego had nothing to do with this conception; on the contrary, the change allowed Skylar to see, in a profound way, that not only were all people and things […]

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“‘Angelsea’ captured the essence of woman, as the cosmic love force, moving with an angel’s grace, with the universe as her home, as a divine mermaid, her life-breath the heat of love itself, the paramour of magic, the speller of the gods themselves, clad in rainbows and teardrops. Cat Stevens sang it with the earthy […]

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