“Nothing Is Dead”

“The pilgrim had an inspiration to offer the magical Saint a flower, as one often did to holy men. But only one flower lay in sight, and it had been dead for some time. Theo looked at Shivaji and the Saint returned his gaze. A second glance at the flower: it now stood up proudly, fully alive, colorfully bright, and emitting dancing motes of vital energy. The student dug around its roots and pulled up the flower with all of them still attached. He knelt before Shivaji and presented his offering. ‘Even for flowers there is no such thing as death,’ the Holy One said, first taking the flower into his hand and then gently placing it back into the soil. The second he let it go, the petals tripled in size, the stem rose half again as high as it had been, and a charming perfume filled the air around the flower.”

Richard Maddox

Richard Dietrich Maddox's writing focuses on the search for permanent happiness, the goal of finding paradise on earth, the attainment of human Enlightenment. His work, though fiction, attempts to convey the profound spiritual Truth passed on to humanity by Enlightened Masters. Maddox approaches spiritual wisdom from a Western level of experience, presenting characters to whom readers can easily relate, offering situations in which readers might well have found themselves. His work offers, in a style which those living in the West will find understandable, the possibility of blissful existence.

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