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“Waking Up to California”

“All these impressions struck Skylar at once. Just the sight of the girls playing volleyball on the beach conveyed the totality of this understanding to him. And no playwright could have scripted this first glimpse of California better than fate had. To drive in at night—the darkness assuring that even the two boys still awake […]

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“Santa Cruz Shore”

“In the flats, the water was uniformly shallow and the foam residue of the waves extended for hundreds of yards, like suds in the bottom of a huge drained bath tub. Lanes formed behind the waves in this area, straight long-line streamers stretching out behind them as they broke towards shore. Auburn kelp fronds, swept […]

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“Renaissance serenaded me in that stuffy attic. I stood by myself, with feet on the ground and soul flitting up and away. The song carried me to another age and to a finer way of approaching the world. It showed me crystalline life, life glinting and translucent, life fashioned by artistic hands. The music danced […]

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“Youthful Dreams-2”

“He would have instantaneous rapport with her. Both would look and both would see; each would touch in synchrony. Like twins they would know one another’s thoughts without the exchange of words. All four eyes would drink in the petaled emanations of moonlight from the gleaming disk overhead. Both hearts would swell, joy-filled, at the […]

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“Castle Peacocks”

“Here, on the island, the peacocks roamed in all their weird glory. The creatures appeared to contain three entirely dissimilar bodies in one: an electric-blue neck, so stunningly bright as to be almost overpowering, a brown-gray-and-white back that looked like brain tissue or fish scales, and a tail that might have been a nest woven […]

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“Childhood Spirituality”

“Skylar’s saunter to school took, then, an ever-so-slightly-indulgent path on which stones came to magical life, fallen leaves wheezed goodbye to the world, and gutter water sluiced in turbulent runnels. These observations of animate nature were interspersed with time-transcendent, frozen moments in which he experienced a tangible sense of stoppage, of everything: of people, pebbles, […]

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