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“Streets of Delhi” from “The Whisper of a Saint”

“At last the bus engine roared to grinding life, the interior lights dimmed, and the vehicle edged out into the night traffic of New Delhi. Corners of columned buildings were spotlit to render their upper stretches turquoise and their windows electric blue. Distant streetlight bulbs glowed golden like luminous balls kicked heavenward. Fountains jetted up […]

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“Being There” from “The Whisper of a Saint”

“As he examined this newest delightful moment, Theo realized that inherent in it was a childlike wonderment, an innocence of not expecting anything, of accepting the “now” exactly as it presented itself. He saw that his mind had stopped functioning during the experience. The joy of the moment overpowered all normal brain functions. No sense […]

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“The Lake” from “The Whisper of a Saint”

“It took him three days to attain that height, but, on the fourth, he found himself overlooking a sapphirine-blue lake, into which emptied a waterfall in the shape of a Greek lyre. Mocha-hued rocks atop and at the side formed the frame of the instrument, and narrow white filaments of water, its strings. The natural […]

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“Spring” from “Remembering Eternity”

“That spring Skylar’s senses tuned exquisitely into nature. He noticed the first gorgeous flowering of the rosebud cherry trees, whose blossoms were unevenly pink, ranging from rose to pastel, and further, even to white, and which, from a distance looked hoary. The long-stamened, yellow-green flowers of the Ohio Buckeyes appeared just before their distinctive, five-parted […]

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