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“Milky Way”

“The Milky Way stretched out above them like a string of exploding fireworks. The thousands of visible stars reminded them of so many shotgun-pellet dents made in the windshield of the sky. The mystery of night and the infinite horizon rained down on them like flakes of invisible magic dust. The trees, reduced to black […]

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“Easy Living

“The predominant feeling in Joshua’s awareness was that of pleasant surprise. At every turn, at any moment, unexpected joy bubbled in his being. Not the joy that makes one want to jump into the air and shout; no, a quieter joy, which brought a shy smile to his mouth and an appreciative twinkle to his […]

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“Santa Cruz Shore”

“In the flats, the water was uniformly shallow and the foam residue of the waves extended for hundreds of yards, like suds in the bottom of a huge drained bath tub. Lanes formed behind the waves in this area, straight long-line streamers stretching out behind them as they broke towards shore. Auburn kelp fronds, swept […]

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“An Everyday Saint”

“Spiritual literature is replete with stories of great service rendered by worshipful believers to God and guru. But here, I thought, sat a simple woman of the world, who had been tested with Job-like tribulations and had, without fanfare or recognition by others, transcended her miseries to achieve genuine humility, grace, and quiet contentedness. Every […]

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“Childhood Spirituality”

“Skylar’s saunter to school took, then, an ever-so-slightly-indulgent path on which stones came to magical life, fallen leaves wheezed goodbye to the world, and gutter water sluiced in turbulent runnels. These observations of animate nature were interspersed with time-transcendent, frozen moments in which he experienced a tangible sense of stoppage, of everything: of people, pebbles, […]

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