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“Wondrous Vision”

“It now becomes apparent that it is not only the child’s fresh awareness and unpolluted body that is capable of supporting Wondrous Vision. Even the inner eye of the soul that has seen much of life and the body that has walked long on earth can delight in this Splendor. For the mission of one’s […]

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“Hidden Glory”

“One had always felt certain that this hidden Glory existed, even though one’s senses had never been able to perceive it until now. One had sensed the Wonder hidden behind the muck and the murk, the rust and the rivets of the everyday world. But now to actually see It in all Its Splendor! What […]

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“The Love”

“The Love revealed the tenderness of the nursing mother for her newborn, the protectiveness of the lioness for her cubs, and the bounty of the young lover for his at-last-found mate. This Love wished to reveal the glories of the Absolute to all, to wave its gemmy wand above their heads so that the confusing […]

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“Love transformed everything. It made what had formerly been hard, soft. It brought dead things to Life. It gave the superficial, depth. It turned the common into the Extraordinary. It endowed the purposeless with meaning. Life was now an immense adventure without end, a playground, a temple, a gem-walled cave, and a garden of supernal […]

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“The Company of a Saint”

“The saint looked directly at him, his eyes warm and paternally caressing. He was sitting cross-legged and wore a white cape wrapped round his body. His lips, though silent, still managed to speak comforting formless words. As Skylar stared up at him, he felt immense gratitude rising up out of his heart and flowing toward […]

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