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“Becoming Water”

“Shakti asked me if I knew that all the elements—earth, air, fire, and water—went into making up everything we saw around us. I thought for a minute before answering, ‘No, I didn’t know that.’ But she told me that it was true, and that, if you focused, you could actually see these elements. My mind […]

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“Sunset in Tahiti”

“We were all perfectly at peace, lying there watching as the sun began to set. The horizon was striped with alternating bands of vermilion and gold leaf. A swath of poppy red formed a sort of nebular spaceship directly in front of us. The forested hills in the distance looked like a child’s irregular cutout […]

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“Tahitian Beach”

“We all settled back on our leaves to watch the ocean. What ancient memories and dim recollections of the womb the breaking surf must bring back to us. How else to explain the fascination it holds? Despite our knowing with certainty that each splashing wave will be followed by another, we still see in every […]

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“Reunion Moon”

“The moon was just past full now. It sat, like a glowing cue ball, on a mat of black velvet, surrounded by what looked to be a ring of irregularly peaky meringue. Like thick, beaten egg whites, the cloudy ring rose here and sank there, forming little valleys and prominences in its progression around the […]

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“A Special Night”

“I thought how utterly different that evening had been from any other in my life. Different not because there was high drama or intense romance, for there was neither. But different in the sense that her room had been transformed by her presence and the poet’s work into a lush and exotic island in the […]

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“Autumn was the smell of fireplace smoke drifting through the suburban-night air, that homey, bundled-against-the-cold smell that was like no other, which resurrected species-old memories of encampments set up on similar windy and chilled nights, when all eyes stared at the nursling fire that meant food, warmth, and life itself. Every gaze fixated, as if […]

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