“Love Transformation”

“Love transformed everything. It made what had formerly been hard, soft. It brought dead things to Life. It gave the superficial, depth. It turned the common into the Extraordinary. It endowed the purposeless with meaning. Life was now an immense adventure without end, a playground, a temple, a gem-walled cave, and a garden of supernal delights. One could only smile. But the smile was so big that it threatened to split the skin on one’s face. The smile swallowed one’s body, merging it with the undulant waves of Being surrounding one on every side. The Silence was preternatural: it seemed that the very electrons had stopped spinning, as if the frenetic world had slipped into a coma in which it could neither act nor speak. The Silence possessed such massive thickness that it dampered, as if with a giant lid, the deafening cacophony of the earthly circus.”

Richard Maddox

Richard Dietrich Maddox's writing focuses on the search for permanent happiness, the goal of finding paradise on earth, the attainment of human Enlightenment. His work, though fiction, attempts to convey the profound spiritual Truth passed on to humanity by Enlightened Masters. Maddox approaches spiritual wisdom from a Western level of experience, presenting characters to whom readers can easily relate, offering situations in which readers might well have found themselves. His work offers, in a style which those living in the West will find understandable, the possibility of blissful existence.

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